Have you ever wanted to experience contact lenses?
We are offering you the chance to try contacts in our office at NO RISK to you.

With this no risk offer:

  • Our office will insert the contact lenses for you.
  • You will be able to walk around the office, view our television, and read a magazine.
  • You can look outside to get an idea of the different vision ranges you will use in everyday life.

However, you will not be allowed to leave our office with the trial contacts, without a fitting.
Texas law states, contact lenses are medical devices and you must have a prescription from an eye doctor. Contact lenses can cause many problems if you try to get them without a proper fitting. If they do not fit right or are the wrong prescription they can cause eye infections, headaches, corneal ulcers, blindness, or at the least bad vision.
Prescriptions for contact lenses are different from eye glasses. First of all, contact lenses sit on your eye. Also, contact lens prescriptions have different specifications like the individual base curve of your eye.

If you decide you would like to move forward with the contact lenses:

  • We will evaluate the fit of the contacts on your eye.
  • Train you on insertion and removal of the lenses.
  • Inform you of how long you can wear them.
  • Teach you how to clean and store them.

Your contact lens fitting will include any trials, starter solution and follow-up appointments needed for up to 6 weeks after your exam. We will also provide you with contact lens solution for care and cleaning. If you decide to move forward with contact lenses, exam and training fees will apply.

Please ask staff for details on additional fees involved with contact lens fittings.