If you feel like there is something in your eye, blink a few times and see if it will come out.  Sometimes small particles (like eyelashes, dust, etc.) can feel larger than they are and irritate the eye.

However, sometimes foreign bodies can be lodged in the eye tissue. In this instance, you should never try to remove the object. The foreign object could be imbedded in the delicate tissues of the eye, and removal at home could cause serious injury to your eye.  Dr. Oevermann uses specialized tools to perform this procedure.

Safety Tip!

When participating in activities such as cutting wood or grinding metal, wear safety glasses to prevent this type of injury.  These activities can create projectile objects that could fly into your eyes at a very high rate of speed. Safety glasses are a must in these situations.  Call our office  at 281-550-4141 for additional details.

1. Foreign body lodged in patient’s eye

2. Metal foreign body lodged in patient’s eye

3. Metal object removed from patient’s eye